Web Design Can Make The Difference

Not All Web Design Is Equal

Just because you have a brand new, sparkly website with a funky new design, it doesn’t mean that it is fit for purpose. Without a series of behind the scenes tweaks and amendments, it’s quite normal for brand new websites to perform badly, not being found in seach engines and even worse, to being able to convert any visitors you do attract into calls, emails, enquiries and sales.

This isn’t a rare phenomen, but rather more likely to be the norm & the majority of business owners are anaware that they have just paid out for  website that doesn’t work and won’t do without some care and attention.

Traffic is the purpose of any website. Without visitors, your website is no more useful to you than 1000 leaflets stuck in an office draw, dusty and forgotten.

Your website can fly, it can go out into the big bad world and find you new business. It has the potential to hunt down all those people who are actively looking every day for what you do, the goods you sell, the services that you provide & properly equipped a good website can be ruthlessly efficient at finding these customers for you.

The problem is that for many website owners they don’t know what they need to do to make their site work and the majority of web designers aren’t search engine optimization experts, making their efforts less than ideal.

Web Design That Works

If you prepare your site correctly then Google will love it. Google loves fast loading websites that are responsive and mobile friendly. They also like unique content, and enough text on each page to be able to understand what your pages are about.

If you choose a web design company that ranks in Google then you instantly stand a better chance of buying a search engine friendly site because the designers own site is Google friendly. Designers such as www.cheapresponsivewebdesign.co.uk will build you a fully SEO compatible site that works on all devices.

If you meet those criteria, Google look to see what real people thing about your site. If your visitors don’t stay very long, or don’t visit more than the page they land on then you will suffer compared with competitors where their visitors do stay on site. This is called your bounce rate and it needs to be better (lower) than the sites around you in SERPs.

Bounce rate is a yes/no filter for inclusion in Google index. If you are not sure whether your rate of visitor bounce is good enough, ask SEO³ to analyse your websites performance.

Off Page SEO

Once you have made your website search engine friendly and are confident that it is set up to rank at the top of Google you need to increase the off page metrics of your site that control the power that your site carries, which is what allows you to climb online. Google measure how trustworthy your website is based on the trustworthiness & relevance of the sites that link to you.

Building the wrong types of links can be bad for Google traffic generation. Instead of guessing what will benefit you, follow the link building guidance at http://www.deehoseo.com who are specialist relevance creators.



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