Winter breaks

Making the Most of Winter Breaks

The world is continuously opening up to the intrepid explorer, and surprising avenues for new and different winter holiday breaks are becoming available to a wider number of people, given the freedom of the internet and no-frills flying.

Some breaks now go in celebration of snow and stunningly low temperatures, to where (as opposed to Britain) weather is going to be guaranteed to be in minus centigrade amounts for much of the winter.

Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle is one example. Southern Sweden is touched by remnants of the Gulf Stream, and relatively warm Gothenburg is nearer Venice than some of its northern territories, which creak under feet upon feet of snow for the winter.

The difference for the visitor, is just that, it is so different. As is the mantra for outdoor Britons, “there is no such thing as cold weather, just the right clothes”, so it is there, but not the clothes for walking the Dales, north of the Arctic Circle, seal fur, reindeer skin, woollen layers and modern thermal outers to seal everything in, that can allow the exploration of a different world.

A sense tingling experience would be a stay in one of the ice hotels which are built from lake and river ice every winter, of course without planning permission because once the spring thaw sets in, they leave without a trace!

Snowmobiling, dog sledging or skiing are the top ways to experience an environment so different to that of the North Sea warmed UK. Across the Arctic Circle in Finland, Lapland waits for its annual winter visitors, mostly comprised of lucky children meeting Santa on the experience of a life time.

Finland, like Norway has more than Christmas revels to offer, with chalets boasting saunas and oozing warmth and comfort for the intrepid snow lovers.

Iceland is a popular destination all of the year, and its popularity continues throughout the winter, giving, like its Northern Scandinavian neighbours, a chance to witness amongst other sights, the Northern lights.

Iceland is also home, at any time of year to hot, thermal springs, geysers, glaciers, ice lagoons, and a thriving and welcoming tourist business.

For those considering a longer break, looking further afield, a winter wonderland in Canada can offer seemingly never ending miles of snowy wilderness, accessed with carefully placed but remote chalets, from which to explore the rich vastness.

In temperatures than can take your breath away, or freeze tears on your cheek, the exhilaration of these winter surroundings are calling more visitors every winter.