Shopping Online

Shopping Trips and Trip-Ups Online

These days shopping online is becoming almost the norm to many people, as reflected in the retail figures for last Christmas. The footfall in the high street took the sort of dive not seen in years, and online purchases were up by umpteen percent.

Shopping online is proving to many to be easy, accessible and enjoyable, and especially in the winter months when outside temperatures fall, and daylight hours shrink, there’s something rather warming, window shopping whilst under the duvet.

It is easy when shopping online not to think about natural the precautions that financial transactions elsewhere seem second nature. Online shopping is a huge business, with the amount now being spent annually being reckoned in hundreds of billions of pounds, and money like that is going to attract all manner of lowlife indeed.

It can be very easy to be careless about your online security, and in most circumstances the modern computer should carry you through regardless. Equally it is easy exercise a little common sense when shopping online, and that could be the difference between your financial security and falling victim to cybercrime.

Your personal information and financial details are the currency that many hackers trade in, and it is these that you protect as you would physical money.

Don’t give more details to anyone online than the minimum to carry out a transaction, information should be on a “need-to-know” basis.

When you go to pay for goods or services online, always use your credit card and not your debit card. In the event of the card information ending up on a hackers terminal, the debit card can be an open portal into you’re your bank account, with all the troubles that could bring.

Using the credit card not only prevents your information going online, but if you have bought goods or services, it also offers protection under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. This means that if the transaction has not gone as planned, you have recall to the credit card company, after all, they have a vested interest, it is their money that is at risk!

If the goods do not turn up, or there is a dispute over the description and the reality, or even if the trader vanishes or goes bust, the credit card company will reimburse all or part of the deal.

Just one of the little things to remember in the quest to keep online shopping secure and enjoyable.