Apprenticeships & Training

Apprenticeships Go Up A Degree

The Government is to mark the next phase of its 2020 vision plan, first outlined in 2015, to continue to boost and enhance apprenticeships in England.

The next phase of the movement comes in early 2017, which is when an employer levy will begin, of those firms with a payroll of £3 million or more per year paying in 0.5% of that, to fund the targeted figure of 3 million apprentice places by 2020.

At the same time an independent body led by employers and business leaders will set up the Institute of Apprenticeships to monitor apprenticeship standards and raise apprenticeship quality, and help raise the status and desirability of apprenticeships.

In anticipating the surge of uptake from employers, Training providers have been advised to Continue reading “Apprenticeships & Training”

Web Design Can Make The Difference

Not All Web Design Is Equal

Just because you have a brand new, sparkly website with a funky new design, it doesn’t mean that it is fit for purpose. Without a series of behind the scenes tweaks and amendments, it’s quite normal for brand new websites to perform badly, not being found in seach engines and even worse, to being able to convert any visitors you do attract into calls, emails, enquiries and sales.

This isn’t a rare phenomen, but rather more likely to be the norm & the majority of business owners are anaware that they have just paid out for  website that doesn’t work and won’t do without some care and attention.

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The Golden Age of Motoring

The Golden Age of Motoring

The golden age of motoring is a hard to grasp will o the wisp, as solid as a shadow and as easy to hold as a puff of smoke. That is to say, it has never really existed.

Does the phrase apply to the years between the wars? Halcyon days, supposedly, though with only a few exceptions the motor vehicles of the day were totally unreliable bone-shakers. These would have had to jostle for places on poor quality roads and lanes, with horse and carts, charabancs and other such quaint traffic.

Perhaps the Golden age of motoring was in the fifties and sixties, with British manufacturers building cars for Continue reading “The Golden Age of Motoring”